247Landlord Property Management Software Screen Shots

Main Admin/User Interface

This is the main interface for Property Management users.

The panel on the left lets you move quickly through all Landlords, Properties and Tenants that you manage. Add a new Comment, Showing or Work Order with a simple click.

The center panel allows you to keep in contact with your Landlords and Employees in one fast, easy and organized place. The 'add comment' feature allows you, your employees and your clients keep in constant communication and keeps everyone up to date and on the same page. Comments from Landlords are highlighted so they are easier to see. The newest Threads are always at the top so you can see what is going on now!

The right panel displays today's schedule for showings and other scheduled items via the notification system. The calendar shows what days have showings scheduled on them and lists all the days showings as well. Simply click a different day on the calendar to view the showings for that day. Notifications may be automatically created by the system, for things like lease expiry and rent increase warnings, or added by the user as a reminder of anything that needs to be done that day.

Admin/User Rent Collections Interface

The Rent Collections screen gives Property Management Users fast, up to date information on who owes money for rent or any other reason. The page can show all properties and tenants you manage or just certain ones. Click the check box next to the property address to generate a printout of the properties you selected for door to door rent collections complete with balance owing details so you can answer any questions from your tenants.

You can also indicate all rent payments collected directly from this page. Enter the amount paid in the field provided for each tenant and let the system update all the accounts for you! If your tenant paid by check, enter the check number in the field provided to store that information as well. If a tenant paid their rent in full, just click the check box on the right and the system automatically enters their rent amount to save you time!

Admin Interface

Keep track of your employees contact information and permissions all in one place.

Enter all your contact information so you can quickly and easily find the right contractor for the next job

You can also keep your company information up to date from the Administration interface. Set default values here once to save time later. The Notice Text option allows you to display a message at the top of the site to keep all your clients up to date on important company events, like holiday hours or promotions.

Landlord/Owner Interface

This is the main interface for Landlords / Property Owners.

The left panel shows the Landlords profile information and allows access to Invoices and Account Statements

The middle panel shows all Threads pertaining to the Landlord's properties. Landlords can add their own comments and respond to existing threads to keep the Property Management staff aware of their needs and wishes.

The right panel allows quick access to property and tenant specific information. Quickly see who your tenants are with one click access to their profiles. A list of available units is also shown so Landlords can see which units are available. Click the unit to view threads related directly to that unit, including all showings to see what prospective tenants have said about the unit so you can better strategize and get it rented fast!

Landlord/Owner Tenant Account Interface

Each Tenant has an account to track rent and other charges and payments made by the Tenant. All transactions include a detailed account of when they were made and how they were used so you can quickly and easily show tenants what they owe and why.